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Our Story

​You must be wondering what is this number 2747?! Well, this leads to more questions than answers. Like are we superstitious? Or are we fanatics of numerology?! Well No. Heck No!  The reality is entirely different. To be honest it doesn't mean anything. At least empirically. It is just a combination of two numbers that have always worked for us! OR its the roll number of two individuals who once were stupid kids drenched in their early childhood awe of romance. 

Whatever it may be the reality is this number feels homely to us. And we have many important memories associated with it. It has always been there for us. In tough times or in times of joy. In the times when a username was desperately needed and when we wanted a name for the most important quest of our lives. Forming our own studio. 

Since we were kids we've been in love with video games. It has been the backbone of positivity and learning in our lives through incredible stories, impressive feats of the characters, and unimaginable scale and variety of the universes. What fascinated us the most was that despite games being so massive, unique, and sometimes unreal how can they feel so personal and so inspiring.

Through various masterpieces, we got the privilege to experience many incredible games but it always irked us that no games of such caliber from our part of the world have ever been produced. Despite the overwhelming passion and growing demand for games and international representation. As kids we waited and waited for someone, some company to deliver but no one came. That's when we decided to do it ourselves. 

We were never really sure how our lives will turn out but we were always very clear about what we wanted from life. But the path was full of challenges. We were all engrossed in our daily hustle of making life happen but we had faith that something or someone will turn up who will inspire us to turn this world upside down.  We were childhood friends but we didn't find this person in each other until we were ready for this great quest. 

We had tried walking this path before but we were not ready then. Fast forward to 2020 and while the world was in shambles, we were ready to test our might again. We never stopped living our dreams. At least in our heads. And that didn't let us be at peace while we abandoned it. So our dreams through our thoughts and beliefs crept into our actions. With the great will to fight comes great might and with great might comes great responsibility. And for our vision and that great responsibility, we want the best team that can help us by being a part of this great quest. 

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