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Meet the team behind 2747 Games


Sachin Singh


Tech Lead/Producer and Head of Business

2747 Games

Having a problem solving mindset since the childhood he sent out to understand the world better through science. After earning his Masters Degree in Engineering Sachin had the most powerful revelation in his life. The truth that he was meant to Create, Lead and Solve Bigger Problems.


After having found his purpose he found his medium in his best friend and guide Sumit and his love for Art, Technology and Video Games, which describes him perfectly. The confluence of the highest levels of Technology and Art. He is on the very journey of continuously  living this realization and sharing it with the world to the best of his problem solving ability and leadership. With a dream to create The Next Best Game which he feels comfortable with and is proud to share with this world. Because it will always be the best of him.


The journey so far:

  • Master's Degree in Engineering

  • 3+ years of experience in game development as Tech Lead/Producer

  • 3+ years of experience of Business Creation and Management

Sumit Kumar Singh


Creative Lead/Producer and Head of Product

2747 Games

The moments he saw his first game at the age of five he knew he found the first love of his life. The kind of love that put him on a path of devotion. Which is the most powerful medium of Sumit's creative expression. 

Having an artistic soul he had to face his share of struggles and stipulations which only strengthened his resolve to inspire others through his own creative journey. He knew that he cannot complete this journey alone and leaned on the only person he knew will always have his back, who like him once travelled on the same path and shared the same devotion for Video Games. He was lucky he found this in his best friend Sachin. While together he is certain that his dream will surely come true.

The journey so far:

  • Bachelor's in Game Design, Art & Communication

  • 8+ Experience in Game Development as a Game Designer

  • 3+ Experience as Game Producer/Director

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